The club regrets to inform all runners that the Ceres 8 race, as scheduled for 16th August, has been cancelled. 

New safety requirements from Fife Council and Police Scotland mean that the roads would have had to have been completely closed, involving significant costs for managing the closures on the day, and for advertising and consulting in advance with those potentially affected by the closures.

With recent participant numbers and entry fee levels this was likely to lead to a significant financial loss, and it was not feasible to complete the necessary negotiations and arrangements within the usual planning timescale.

There are also wider issues: there is uncertainty as to the extent to which other races will be affected in the future, given that many Fife AC races include some road component. We will continue to work with Fife Council and Police Scotland to seek a satisfactory resolution.

Sorry to all those affected by the cancellation, and many thanks to Hilary Ritchie for her success in reviving the race in the last few years, and all the work that she had already put into organisation of this year's race.