This report is reproduced by kind permission of Scottish Hill Runners, from the SHR 2014 Journal.

It was 7am on Saturday 21 June, 2014, and a group of Fife AC women were loitering around the Moot Hall in Keswick. The tops of the hills were covered in early morning mist but the weather forecast was favourable and so there was nothing to delay the start. We were attempting the Billy Bland Challenge - the Bob Graham Round (BGR) for relay teams. The BGR is a 67 mile (approximately) circular route over 42 Lake District summits taken by Bob Graham in 1932. The route is divided into five sections by road crossings which provide convenient changeover points. A few years ago Dallam AC started the Billy Bland Challenge for relay teams of 10 runners (5 pairs) undertaking the BGR in June. Billy Bland holds the record for the BGR – 13 hrs 53 mins set in 1982. Our team consisted of Ally Malcolm-Smith, Anita Laidlaw, Caroline Pollard (now Wharfedale Harriers), Cathy Sinclair, Charlotte Kirby, Julia Neufeind, Liz Killean, Louise Provan (now HBT), Moira Grainger and me. We also had three supporters; Adrian Dixon (a veteran of the Lakeland Long Classics), Bill Fairmaner (BGR 24 hour club member) and Graham Kirby (serial mountain marathoner). They each ran a leg with the team as additional safety cover and because they also wanted a run in the hills.  

At 7:05am Louise and Julia set off, with Caroline leading them through Keswick to Portinscale – unlike most teams, we were going anti-clockwise. Louise and Julia found their way to Newlands Church to meet Bill and then all three headed over the hills to Honister Pass. By now, the mist had burnt off and it was turning into a glorious summer day. On Dale Head, they caught up with a sponsored walking event but were easy to spot hurtling down to the changeover at the slate mine (whose café is a welcome amenity for waiting runners). Caroline and I then took possession of the porridge spurtle we were using as a baton and headed up Grey Knotts. We were accompanied by Adrian Dixon as we found our way up and down the scrambles over Great Gable, Kirkfell and Steeple. On a recce weekend we had failed to find the trod off Yewbarrow into Wasdale and had a very slow descent over scree and heather until we spied walkers heading up on a path. Caroline had since reccied the route and so we had no such problems on the day. Anita, Liz and Bill were waiting for us in the National Trust carpark and, at 13:46, forty-six minutes ahead of schedule, they set off for the long climb to Scafell. They had decided not to descend Broad Stand (a grade 3 scramble) coming off Scafell but instead, go round via Foxes Tarn to Scafell Pike. They made good progress over Bowfell, Langdale Pikes and High Raise, finishing on Steel Fell, right above the changeover at Dunmail Raise. At 8:15pm, having gained a further fifty minutes on the schedule, they handed the spurtle to Cathy and Moira (with me in tow). The time in hand was invaluable as injury meant the next leg would be done at walking pace. Regardless, it was a beautiful evening to be on the hills and we reached the summit of Helvellyn at 11pm. As we made our way north along the ridge, our head torches lighting the way as it was now properly dark, we were surprised by the number of people that were camping and bivvying on the tops to see in the summer solstice. The rocky ridge gave way to the wide grassy plateau of the Dodds and trying to find small cairns on flattish tops in the pitch black was tricky. The week before I had reccied the descent to Threlkeld and it had seemed straightforward but at night it was a different story and we nearly overshot the gate at the end of the lane leading to Threlkeld. At the edge of the village we handed over to Ally, Charlotte and Graham. They were on the final leg, over Blencathra, Great Calva and Skiddaw. Though they started in darkness, the daylight returned during the steep climb up Blencathra, where they were greeted by a magnificent sunrise. Coming off Skiddaw, they were met by Caroline and Julia, who escorted them back to the Moot Hall. Hooray! We finished in 24 hours and 6 minutes and celebrated with a well-deserved breakfast.

We had expected to finish in around 26 hours and so a finish in just over 24 hours was fantastic. However, the discussion soon developed a theme of “if only we’d … ”. The lesson being that seconds count. Nevertheless, it was the highlight of my year and I would like to say thank you to everyone involved for their support. In particular, thanks to Julia for standing in at the last minute to make up a team of 10 women; Louise for being completely mad and driving from Aberdeen for dinner, half a night’s sleep and a 2hr 35 min run on the hills before driving back to Aberdeen; Liz for arranging the accommodation and not balking at the idea of doing the longest leg; Cathy and Bill for hiking up Scafell with climbing gear and setting up a pitch so I could try out Broad Stand on one of the recce weekends; Anita and Caroline for saying yes immediately when I mentioned the idea to them, which gave me hope that we could muster a team; Moira for encouraging me in the first place; Ally and Charlotte for smiling even though they knew they had to head up a steep narrow ridge in the dark; Graham for carefully reading my route descriptions and finding the mistakes; Adrian for being so patient and leading us safely up and down rocky gullies and finally to Misty and Maya for being well-behaved dogs (OK, I will overlook Misty running off to walk up the main path to Scafell instead of whacking straight up the steep grassy hillside to the summit – but that’s the BGR for you).

The statistics of the route and our team are as follows (supporters on each leg in brackets). Distances and ascents are approximate.

LegStart locationDistance (km)Ascent (metres)RunnersStart timeTime taken (HH:MM)
1 Moot Hall, Keswick 19 960 Louise Provan & Julia Neufeind (Caroline Pollard/Bill Fairmaner) 7:05am 2:35
2 Honister Pass 19 1780 Caroline Pollard & Louise Burt (Adrian Dixon) 9:40am 4:06
3 Wasdale 25 2300 Anita Laidlaw & Liz Killean (Bill Fairmaner) 1:46pm 6:27
4 Dunmail Raise 22 1600 Cathy Sinclair & Moira Grainger (Louise Burt) 8:13pm 6:12
5 Threlkeld 21 1400 Charlotte Kirby & Ally Malcolm-Smith (Graham Kirby) 2:25am 4:46
    106 8040     24:06


Louise Burt


Race: 20th June 2014, 7.30pm

Organiser: Dan Newman (07512 063449)


Position Runner Club Category Time
1 Billy Gibson Dundee HH MS 0:17:30
2 Michael Geoghegan Portobello MS 0:17:50
3 Stuart McKenzie Anster Haddies MS 0:18:05
4 John Mill Dundee RR MV50 0:18:15
5 Ian McNulty Dundee HH MV40 0:18:24
6 Colin Thomson Unatt. MS 0:18:28
7 Andy Cargill Leven Las Vegas MS 0:18:36
8 Martin McNellis Unatt. MV50 0:18:57
9 Andy Grieve Unatt. MV40 0:19:14
10 Bill Smith Fife AC MV40 0:19:28
11 Wright Beveridge Glenrothes Tri Club MV40 0:19:39
12 Ian Aitken Fife AC MV40 0:20:10
13 Peter Gardener Hunters Bog Trotters MS 0:20:12
14 Gordon Pryde Lomond MV50 0:20:22
15 Harvey Rankin Unatt. MU20 0:20:24
16 Craig Love Dundee HH MV40 0:20:29
17 Gary Cuthbert Ross Runners MV40 0:20:43
18 Jeff Taylor Anster Haddies MV40 0:20:54
19 Alan Forbes Pitreavie MV40 0:20:56
20 Jane Dunlop Dundee RR FS 0:21:08
21 Michael Bisset Pitreavie MV40 0:21:14
22 Peter Morrison Carnegie Harriers MV40 0:21:21
23 Elise Methven Anster Haddies FV40 0:21:23
24 Gary Howe Unatt. MV40 0:21:36
25 Gordon Taylor Anster Haddies MV40 0:21:42
26 Scott Brown Unatt. MV40 0:22:09
27 Patrick Leask Beacon Runners MV40 0:22:15
28 Bill Simpson Anster Haddies MV60 0:22:32
29 Nigel Donnell Unatt. MS 0:22:35
30 James O'Donnell Unatt. MS 0:22:48
31 Lee Brodie Unatt. MS 0:23:01
32 Stewart Davidson Fife AC MV60 0:23:46
33 Mairi Dawson Unatt. FV40 0:23:51
34 Bradley Jackson Dundee HH MJ 0:24:44
35 Jane MacLeod Pitreavie FV60 0:24:45
36 James Dalgliesh Unatt. MV40 0:24:56
37 Jane Anderson Anster Haddies FS 0:25:20
38 Sharon Brown Anster Haddies FS 0:25:37
39 McKenzie Howe Fife AC MJ 0:25:46
40 Donald MacLeod Pitreavie MV50 0:25:50
41 Jill Leask Beacon Runners FV40 0:27:24
42 Jacqueline Cook Unatt. FS 0:29:21
43 Nicola Philp Glenrothes Tri Club FS 0:30:31
44 Kirsty Peat Unatt. FS 0:30:31


One-lap junior race:

  1. Ben Sandilands M - 00:08:25
  2. Owen Keddie M - 00:08:36
  3. Struan Grieve M - 00:09:05
  4. Ruby Methven F - 00:09:38
  5. Millie McDaid F - 00:09:57
  6. Leon Keddie M - 00:10:19
  7. Megan Briers F - 00:10:24
  8. Abby Livingston F - 00:10:31
  9. Anna Grieve F - 00:10:35
  10. Ben Mallon M - 00:11:04
  11. Jack Mallon M - 00:11:48
  12. Jake Sandilands M - 00:14:04
  13. Deane Thomson F - 00:19:35
  14. Cody Gibson F - 00:19:35

Dates: 9th-13th June 2014

Race: 18th June 2014

Location: Cairnie Fruit Farm, by Cupar

Novice Race: limited to runners who have a 5km time of slower than 21 minutes (men) and 23 minutes (women). This race is to encourage the slower runners. 

Along bridlepaths and footpaths around Cairnie Fruit Farm. Entries taken on the night at the Fruit Farm cafe. Enjoy a mid-summer run over a scenic course.

{mosmap width='400' | height='300' | lat='56.339379' |lon='-3.019438' | zoom='12' | marker='1' | align='center' }


Parking available, limited changing.



Position Runner Club Category Time
Under P5
1 Liam Wyse Fife AC MJ 3.59
2 Campbell Snodgrass Lawhead Primary MJ 4.05
3 Katie Johnson Haddington FJ 4.06
4 Kate Dalglish St Leonards FJ 4.10
5 Euan Smyth Greyfriars Primary MJ 4.14
6 Ruby Methven Greyfriars Primary FJ 4.16
7 Craig MacFarlane Castlehill Primary MJ 4.17
8 Calum Gibson Ardler Nursery MJ 4.27
9 Isla Hedley Strathkinness Primary FJ 4.30
10 Bruce Logan Fife AC MJ 4.32
11 Findlay Brown Gateside Primary MJ 4.37
12 Kenzie Philliben Gateside Primary MJ 4.38
13 Millie Caldwell Gateside Primary FJ 4.39
14 Polly Geddes Fife AC FJ 4.51
15 Rae Geddes Fife AC FJ 4.53
16 Adam Williamson Ceres Primary MJ 4.54
17 Claire McNab Pitteuchar East Primary FJ 4.54
18 Joe Balsillie Ceres Primary MJ 5.06
19 Katie Smith Fife AC FJ 5.10
20 Ellis Anderson St Columbas MJ 5.12
21 Cameron Barratt-Allison Fife AC MJ 5.21
22 Charles Cromar St Columbas MJ 5.23
23 Joshua Lumsden St Columbas MJ 5.30
24 Aislyn Petrie Gateside Primary FJ 5.35
25 Robert Cromar St Columbas MJ 5.36
26 Zoe Caldwell Strathmiglo Nursery FJ 5.46
27 Beth Harvie Castlehill Primary FJ 5.54
28 Euan MacFarlane Castlehill Primary MJ 5.56
29 Cassie Balsillie Ceres Primary FJ 5.59
30 Tara McGhie Wormit PS FJ 6.03
31 Amy Young Wormit PS FJ 6.07
32 Ruaridh Gibson Ardler Nursey MJ 6.57
33 Esme Taylor Letham FJ 7.03
34 Mia Herkes Ceres Nursery FJ 7.31
35 Elliot Cowie Dairsie Primary MJ 7.35
36 Adam Harvie Westfield Nursery MJ 8.51
37 Andrew Popham Rainbow Nursery MJ 8.59
P5 and Over
1 Ruan van Rensburg St Columbas Primary School MJ 3.47
2 Emma Johnson Haddington FJ 3.50
3 Tom Logan Fife AC MJ 3.57
4 Findlay Martin Strathearn Harriers MJ 4.09
5 Rowan Elliot Strathearn Harriers MJ 4.10
6 Hayley Brown Fife AC FJ 4.11
7 Rachel McNab Pitteuchar East Primary School FJ 4.20
8 Inver Petrie Castlehill Primary School MJ 4.22
9 Liam Ballie Greyfriars Primary School MJ 4.27
10 Robyn Black Letham Primary School FJ 4.28
11 Greg Cladwell Gateside Primary School MJ 4.47
12 Charlotte Williamson St Leonards Primary School FJ 4.50
13 Robin Hamilton Greyfriars Primary School MJ 4.55
14 Cameron Young Wormit Primary School MJ 5.03
15 Iain Alexander Strathearn Harriers MJ 5.05
16 Scott Saunders Strathearn Harriers MJ 5.06
17 Ben Cowan Fife AC MJ 5.07
18 Charlie Tannock Fife AC FJ 5.28
19 Cameron Brown Gateside Primary School MJ 5.36
20 Beth McEwan Strathearn Harriers FJ 6.07
21 Emma Blair Castlehill Primary School FJ 6.40
22 Lucy Colgan Castlehill Primary School FJ 6.41
Junior 2 Miles
1 Craig Morris Fife AC MJ 10.24
2 Nico Van Rensburg Bell Baxter MJ 10.39
3 Levi Sweeney Strathearn Harriers MJ 10.54
4 Euan Dawson Fife AC MJ 11.07
5 Anna Dalglish Fife AC FJ 11.39
6 David Alexander Strathearn Harriers MJ 11.44
7 Keir McEwan Strathearn Harriers MJ 12.04
8 Ruby Methven Falkland Trail Runners FJ 12.54
9 Kirsten Smith Fife AC FJ 13.01
10 MacKenzie Howe Fife AC MJ 13.02
11 Alexander Smith Fife AC MJ 13.15
12 Alan Baker Fife AC MJ 13.16
13 Libby Smith Fife AC FJ 13.45
14 Daniel Saunders Strathearn Harriers MJ 14.05
15 Jessica Martin Strathearn Harriers FJ 14.20
16 Fin McGhie Wormit PS MJ 15.04
17 Katie McGhie Wormit PS FJ 15.11
18 Chloe Ritchie Fife AC FJ 15.24
19 Maggie Milne Guardbridge PS FJ 16.44
20 Eryn Gent Guardbridge PS FJ 19.29
1 Jamie Watters Bell Baxter High School MJ 10.49
2 Christopher Martin Strathearn Harriers MJ 11.40
3 Gary Howe Unatt. MV40 11.48
4 Ross Wyse Fife AC MJ 12.08
5 Bradley Jackson Dundee Hawkhill Harriers MJ 13.07
6 Siobhan Johnson Wormit Runners FV40 13.18
7 Eddie Petrie Falkland Trail Runners MV40 13.37
8 Sarah Young Wormit Runners FJ 13.55
9 Fiona Gibson Dundee Road Runners FJ 14.07
10 Gillian Smith Unatt. MV40 14.21
11 Rowena Spence Unatt. FV50 14.23
12 Julie Sommerville Unatt. FV40 14.33
13 Rosemary Lee Fife AC FV50 14.40
14 Jenny Morris Unatt. FV50 14.50
15 Ian Brooks Unatt. MV40 15.21
16 Wendy Jack Unatt. FV60 15.58
17 Heather Riddle Kelty Jog Scotland FV40 16.05
18 John Lee Unatt. MV50 16.25
19 Kerry Jack Unatt. FJ 16.37
20 Cris Wilson Unatt. FJ 16.55
21 Laura Caldwell Falkland Trail Runners FV40 17.27
22 Sean Kenyon Dundee Road Runners MV40 17.34
23 Caroline Wann Running Sisters FV40 17.38


Race: 4th June 2014

Start: 7.30pm

Organiser: David Sleigh (01334 652092)


Position Runner Club Category Time
1 Tristan Rees Fife AC MU17 34:49
2 Billy Gibson Dundee Hawkhill MS 36:40
3 Johnathon Knox Anster Haddies MV45 37:08
4 Martin Butcher Carnegie Harriers MS 37:28
5 Paul Kieran Carnegie Harriers MS 37:32
6 Daniel Clarke Fife AC MS 37:39
7 Steve Mathews Dundee Hawkhill MV40 37:59
8 Johnny McBain Dundee Hawkhill MS 38:02
9 Sophie Mullins Fife AC FS 38:03
10 Craig Morris Fife AC MU15 38:08
11 Peter Simpson Carnegie Harriers MV50 39:01
12 John Mill Dundee RR MV50 39:07
13 Steven King Carnegie Harriers MV40 39:13
14 Sam Fernando Fife AC MU17 39:28
15 Kenneth Anthony Fife AC MV50 39:36
16 Andrew Cargill Leven Las Vegas RC MS 40:04
17 Bryce Aitken Fife AC MV55 40:21
18 David Cowan Fife AC MV50 40:24
19 Roger Rees Fife AC MV45 40:28
20 Steve Vaughan Unatt. MS 40:37
21 Nick Johnson Fife AC MV40 40:42
22 Mark Ferguson Fife AC MS 40:45
23 Gary Barker Fife AC MV55 40:56
24 Laurie Anderson Lomond Hill Runners MV50 41:05
25 Calum Harvie Fife AC MS 41:09
26 Paul Leonard Dundee Hawkhill MV40 41:23
27 Paul Webb Unatt. MV40 41:44
28 Rosie Doull Dundee RR FS 41:48
29 Ian Hawkins Fife AC MV50 42:00
30 Barry Davie Carnegie Harriers MS 42:08
31 Steven Honeyman Carnegie Harriers MS 42:23
32 Calum Archibald Dundee High MU20 42:30
33 Ray Irvine Monifieth Tri MV40 42:34
34 Ailsa Cruickshanks Anster Haddies FU17 42:37
35 Richard Shaw Anster Haddies MV55 42:47
36 Phil Forte Dundee Hawkhill MV55 42:55
37 Mitch McCreadie Fife AC MV60 43:02
38 John Hynd Carnegie Harriers MV50 43:56
39 Richard Toller Dundee RR MV55 44:00
40 Morag Taggart Dundee RR FV50 44:02
41 Alasdair Hood Fife AC MV55 44:05
42 Jane Dunlop Dundee RR FS 44:06
43 Louise Burt Fife AC FV50 44:13
44 Ian Johnston Carnegie Harriers MV55 44:21
45 Karen Kennedy Carnegie Harriers FV40 44:26
46 Jeff Taylor Leven Las Vegas RC MV45 44:27
47 Beverley Gibson Fife AC FV40 44:39
48 Brian R Smith Fife AC MV55 45:17
49 David Gow Leven Las Vegas RC MS 45:39
50 David Osborne Lomond Hill Runners MV50 45:42
51 Ken Morris Fife AC MV60 45:49
52 Pat Mallett L.H.R. MV40 46:37
53 George Findlay Anster Haddies MV55 46:43
54 Margaret Martin Fife AC FV55 46:55
55 Ian Muir Anster Haddies MV40 47:02
56 David Norrie Fife AC MV55 47:06
57 Allan Brannigan Carnegie Harriers MV50 47:15
58 Ewan Cameron Anster Haddies MV50 47:27
59 Ruwan Fernando Fife AC MV45 47:38
60 Sean Kenyon Dundee RR MV45 47:41
61 Siobhan Johnson Unatt. FV40 47:44
62 Hazel Bradley Anster Haddies FV60 47:52
63 Grant Whytock Dundee RR MV45 47:58
64 Gordon Taylor Leven Las Vegas RC MV45 48:20
65 Lee Cessford Falkland Trail Runners MS 48:23
66 Roddy Neithercut Fife AC MS 49:03
67 Gail Murdoch Carnegie Harriers FV45 49:14
68 Steve Archibald Dundee RR MV50 49:20
69 Nick Brian Fife AC MV55 49:25
70 Rosie Knox Anster Haddies FU17 49:30
71 George Steel Unatt. MV45 49:34
72 Steve Cromar Dundee Hawkhill MV75 49:52
73 Brian Landels Lomond Hill Runners MV50 50:20
74 John Keenlyside Fife AC MV60 50:24
75 Innes Bracegirdle Fife AC FV55 50:31
76 Carole Mowbray Leven Las Vegas RC FV45 51:01
77 Alan Gibson Anster Haddies MV60 51:08
78 Stewart Davidson Fife AC MV60 51:17
79 Jessica Lee Unatt. FS 51:40
80 Jonathan Millar Carnegie Harriers MS 53:21
81 Bill Simpson Anster Haddies MV60 53:45
82 Ross Buchanan Anster Haddies MS 53:48
83 Sue Whisler Fife AC FV55 53:51
84 Yvonne Dehn Anster Haddies FS 53:59
85 Colin McNee Unatt. MS 54:20
86 Maddie Knox Anster Haddies FU20 54:32
87 Alan Kennedy Dundee Hawkhill MV50 54:36
88 Fiona Walker Fife AC FV45 54:43
89 Juan Maria Gonzalez Unatt. MS 54:46
90 Rosemary Lee Fife AC FV50 54:53
91 Fiona Cruickshanks Anster Haddies FU20 55:00
92 Austin Peddy Unatt. MV45 55:01
93 Wendy Ritchie Fife AC FV45 55:36
94 Eric Hackman Unatt. MV60 56:07
95 Eddie Petrie Unatt. MV40 56:30
96 Lizzie Knox Anster Haddies FU20 58:02
97 Lucy Fyffe Dundee Hawkhill FV45 59:12
98 Sue Armstrong Jog Scotland FV45 59:16
99 Anne Whiteford Fife AC FV55 59:22
100 Colin Kerr Unatt. MS 59:26
101 Kerith George-Briant Fife AC FS 59:34
102 Karen Forsyth Carnegie Harriers FS 59:41
103 Jennifer Morris Unatt. FV55 59:44
104 John Dickson Anster Haddies MV40 1:02:51
105 Susan Penman Anster Haddies FV40 1:02:53
106 Graham Bennison Fife AC MV65 1:02:59
107 Paul McGlynn Fife AC MV50 1:03:45
108 Lindsay Carstairs Unatt. FS 1:04:10
109 Alastair Robertson Fife AC MV70 1:04:54
110 John Lee Unatt. MV50 1:04:58
111 John Bass Unatt. MV70 1:05:26
112 Bob Stark Fife AC MV70 1:08:52
113 Hamish McLeod Unatt. MV65 1:09:48